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JVK Web Developers, LLC

    We design and develop individually tailored personal and professional web sites at competitive prices. We provide a broad spectrum of web site products that range from simple and inexpensive homepages to highly intricate and detailed websites containing dynamic text, digital photography, graphics, Flash, dynamic interactive features and many more features.

    For the professional accounting, legal or medical firm this can include practice overviews, mission statements, professional resumes, service descriptions, facilities, and newsletters. For manufacturers, distributors or retailers, product lists, photographs, price lists, online encrypted credit card ordering and customer order processing can be provided. Customer support can be provided with e-mail and web forms. Technical support can be provided for customers with the development of a frequently asked question board. Customer demographic data collection can also be designed for the Internet based customer. For individuals, personalized web sites can be designed which include photographs, graphics, music, messages and e-mail. Please peruse the Services page to learn more.

    We use a range of technologies and can create simple sites with only HTML or we can create extremely interactive sites using JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, DHTML, Perl, C#, ASP and ASP.NET. Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005, we can create interactive database driven content and updatable systems. We create multimedia features using Adobe (Macromedia) Flash and Real streaming video and audio. For graphic design, we employ a host of imaging software from Adobe, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    JVK Web Developers was created in 1999 in the state of Colorado. We are based in Denver and conduct and communicate with most of our business over the Internet and in Colorado's Front Range.

    We hope you choose us to build your presence on the Internet.

- Jeffrey V. Kauffman, President

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